Advanced Mailing Solutions for Healthcare

At Smart Distribution Solutions, we understand the critical importance of reliable communication in the healthcare industry. We specialise in providing the healthcare sector with targeted mailing solutions that ensure that your essential messages reach service users, their families and healthcare professionals precisely and securely. 

SMART Mapping and Audience Profiling

Targeting is the key to a successful mailing campaign. Our advanced SMART mapping techniques ensure the right messages reach the right people. We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of the healthcare industry, ensuring timely and relevant communication.

Our Services

We use a range of data sources to build a comprehensive profile of your target audience, including demographic and behavioural data, alongside personal preferences. By analysing this information, we can create personalised messaging that resonates with your audience, leading to increased engagement and higher response rates.

Direct Mail

Deliver personalised, sensitive information securely to patients or healthcare providers with Direct Mail services tailored to the needs of the healthcare industry. 

Door Drop

Efficiently distribute non-personalised healthcare information directly to a broad audience, such as public health announcements and wellness programme details.

Partially Addressed Mail

This method targets specific geographic areas or demographics. It is perfect for healthcare campaigns and initiatives that aim to reach a broader audience without the need for personal data.

Healthcare Success Stories

Discover how we leveraged our advanced targeting models to help a national in-home care brand expand its reach to include family members of service users, significantly increasing its service uptake.
The campaign’s success led to increased demand and a nationwide rollout for service promotion and staff recruitment.
This case study showcases our ability to adapt and scale our solutions to meet our client’s evolving needs.



To formulate a marketing plan to locate and market to potential service users for a national in-home care brand.

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