Effective Mailing Strategies for the Transport Industry

At Smart Distribution, we provide direct marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of the transport sector. Through the strategic use of Direct Mail, Door Drop, and Partially Addressed Mail, we help transport businesses communicate effectively with their audience, increasing commuter numbers and promoting new routes or services.

SMART Targeting

Reaching the right audience is crucial for the transport sector. We use advanced SMART digital mapping technology to create custom mail delivery solutions by analysing specific demographic and geographic data. This approach allows us to target potential customers based on their proximity to transport routes, avoiding areas served by competing services such as local train stations. Our data-driven strategy ensures that your marketing efforts are focused on individuals most likely to use your services, improving the efficiency of campaigns.

SDS's Tailored Mailing Services

Our services are designed to maximise the impact of your marketing campaigns, ensuring that your transport services reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Direct Mail

Our Direct Mail services offer transport sector clients the ability to send personalised communications directly to a specific list of recipients. This can include detailed schedules, upcoming changes in service routes, promotional tickets, or personalised offers based on past usage patterns. Direct mail allows for precise targeting and encourages loyalty and repeat usage among existing customers.

Door Drop

Our Door Drop service effectively reaches a broad audience without needing their personal contact details. This is particularly useful for launching new routes or promoting off-peak travel incentives. By distributing well-designed leaflets or timetables directly to households in strategically targeted areas close to bus stops and stations, SDS can help increase awareness and commuter numbers.

Partially Addressed Mail

This service combines the reach of door drops with the personal touch of direct mail. By targeting specific postal sectors rather than individual addresses, Partially Addressed Mail allows transport companies to reach potential users in high-potential areas with custom messages about local service offerings, seasonal promotions, or changes to existing routes. This cost-effective method ensures that promotional materials are sent to relevant audiences.

Proven Success: Increasing Bus Commuters

In a strategic campaign to boost bus commuter numbers without affecting a parallel train service, we implemented a targeted door drop campaign. Using our bespoke digital mapping, we avoided train catchment areas and focused on potential bus users, enhancing the campaign’s effectiveness. This involved distributing free bus ticket vouchers and themed leaflets, significantly increasing voucher redemptions and overall passenger numbers. 



Working with an agency partner to promote an award winning campaign that seeks to encourage people to travel by bus.

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