Creative and insightful targeting services for distribution campaigns

At Smart Distribution Solutions, we use extensive data records and customised profiling tools to produce a customer analysis unique to the specific needs of your business. At this stage, the profile of your perfect customer is still in the abstract. Next, we take that model and find where those customers are in the real world.

A tiered approach to targeting

At Smart Distribution Services, we utilise a range of resources to produce the most effective customer targeting solutions in the business.

Knowing your audience

When you partner with Smart Distribution Solutions, your direct marketing campaign becomes part of a fluid process. We work alongside you to establish the characteristics you would expect to find in your ideal customer. Using our well-practised insight models and profiling tools we expand that into broader demographics, maximising your potential audience.

Finding your audience

Here at Smart Distribution Solutions, we specialise in totally anonymised, in line with current GDPR legislation, data. It helps us to pair up your perfect consumer with their real-life counterparts.

Targeting your audience

By combining the insight of our profiling techniques with the sheer expanse of our data services, we can produce a realistic plan of action for your marketing campaign. This covers everything from advertising spend, to marketing hotspots, to new outlets and more. It enables you to get the maximum return on your investment.

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