Smart Distribution Solutions for Education

At Smart Distribution Solutions, we offer data-driven direct marketing services that can help your educational institution with student recruitment. Our tailored solutions are designed to deliver significant results by improving enrolment, promoting special programmes, and boosting your institution’s visibility.

Advanced Mapping and Audience Analysis

SDS utilises SMART Mapping technology to precisely define your target audience based on detailed demographic, geographic, and psychographic data. This method increases the effectiveness of your campaigns while minimising wasted resources. Our precise targeting enables us to create campaigns that connect with your potential students, making each message more impactful.

Targeted Direct Marketing Services

We offer a variety of services to suit different needs and objectives:

Direct Mail

Create a direct connection with potential students through personalised mail. This service allows for customised messages that effectively communicate your institution’s unique benefits and opportunities, resulting in higher engagement rates.

Door Drop

Our Door Drop service delivers your educational materials, such as brochures and flyers, directly to households within specifically targeted areas. This method is an excellent way to increase local awareness and interest in your programs without requiring personal address data. It allows for a broad reach and ensures your materials are delivered to the right audience.

Partially Addressed Mail

Combine the broad coverage of door drops with the personalised touch of direct mail. This innovative approach targets specific postal sectors, reaching potential students in relevant areas without the use of personal data, providing a cost-effective solution for your marketing needs.

Proven Success for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Our strategic approach has proven successful in numerous campaigns, most notably with a major FE and HE college that saw a significant rise in enrolment figures. By integrating Royal Mail Door to Door, SMART Mapping, and Partially Addressed Mail, we effectively targeted 520,000 homes across multiple boroughs, proving the efficacy of our integrated marketing strategies.



Keen to present itself to local secondary school pupils as the natural next step for their academic careers, a major FE & HE college asked SDS to run a campaign that targeted the homes of children of GCSE age (14-17).

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