Royal Mail Door to Door leaflet distribution available across the UK

For larger campaigns covering a broader area of target households, Royal Mail Door to Door often proves an effective way to reach your intended audience.

What is Royal Mail Door to Door?

Royal Mail Door to Door is a door drop service whereby the Royal Mail is paid a fee to distribute advertising material to their customers as part of their normal post routes.

Leaflet Distribution

Campaign literature delivered through the Royal Mail Door to Door service is in the hands of experienced postal workers across the country. These door drop campaigns are conducted as part of their regular postal route, putting your flyers, catalogues, brochures, and more through people’s letterboxes along with their mail. The British postal service is considered among the finest and most secure in the world, so you can be sure your marketing literature will get to where it needs to be.

Local & National Campaigns

The Royal Mail has a nationwide reach, making this service particularly attractive for any company running a campaign across the UK. Even at a more local level, the Royal Mail’s infrastructure of central depots means that targeting your literature to reach a certain catchment area is possible.

Exclusive Access

Of course, Royal Mail provide this service to thousands of companies across the country. However, when you take advantage of their door drop service, they offer an exclusivity agreement. This means that they will not post any literature from competing businesses at the same time as yours.

Cost Effective

Royal Mail leaflet distribution guarantee a full coverage of your catchment area – including places like blocks of flats and nursing homes, which regular distributors cannot always access. Furthermore, if you’re planning a long-term campaign requiring a regular rotation of leaflet distribution, we can arrange an attractive discount for you.

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