Professional and effective delivery services for direct marketing

Now that your direct marketing campaign has been assessed, planned, and mapped, all that remains is to get your leaflets to your customers.

An extensive range of delivery solutions

Here at Smart Distribution Solutions, we offer a range of delivery options to each of our customers. Here are some of our more popular delivery methods:

Royal Mail Door-to-Door

In among your regular post, you also find leaflets, pamphlets, and other direct marketing material. This is an effective way to cover large areas thanks to the postal infrastructure already in place.


Like the Royal Mail Door-to-Door method, our newshare service involves passing your marketing literature to your target area’s free local newspaper provider. They’ll put your leaflet into every paper, reaching a broad cross-section of consumers.

Team distribution

We can arrange for a team of distributors to post your leaflets as part of a door drop campaign. Using our detailed maps, they will specifically target those households and streets we have already identified as potential customers.

Direct mail

For very specific campaigns, we can arrange a direct mail service, where your marketing materials are addressed and posted directly to your target customers. This is typically used by, but not exclusive to, councils reaching residents in rural areas and planning consultants information residents about a development.

A delivery solution that works for you

Each campaign is different, and some may require more than one delivery technique. Whatever your situation, our team will put together the best delivery package for you and your business.

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