Effective leaflet distribution as part of targeted door drop campaigns

Once we have established your catchment area – athat is, the specific collection of addresses and houses to which we intend to deliver – we put things in the hands of our leaflet distribution teams.

A home turf team for leaflet delivery

To provide the most cost-effective leaflet distribution across the country, we do not employ our own delivery team. Instead, we use trusted third-party distributors to handle this part of your campaign. The advantage of this is simple – they know the area like the back of their hand. With our targeted households listed and mapped for them, they already know the best route (including shortcuts) to maximise their time on the job.

Tailored Leaflet Distribution Area

From your initial consultation with our planning experts, we will already have established the best households to target our leaflet distribution. This ensures that you get the best return on investment possible. All our distribution teams are provided with detailed maps and address lists, which they complete to order.

More Than Just Leaflet Distribution

While leaflet distribution might, technically, be the name of the game, we cover much more than that. Pamphlets, flyers, and menus form a large part of our work, not to mention larger items like magazines, catalogues, and even free samples.

A Range of Leaflet Distribution Options

Like every other aspect of our service, our leaflet distribution solutions are created to meet your exact requirements. You can choose to have your promotional material delivered on its own or distributed with another leaflet for a concurrent campaign. Alternatively, you can save money by allowing us to distribute your literature with other leaflets from different, non-competing, companies.

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No job too big or small

Whether your mailing list consists of a couple of hundred customers or a few thousand, you can rely on Smart Distribution Solutions to reach each and every one of them. Our direct mail software ensures that every person on your list receives their own, personally-addressed piece of mail on every run.

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