Effectively using data for targeted campaigns

In our 30+ years of experience, we have learnt that using data to effectively target your campaigns can drastically increase the response rate for your campaign, whilst delivering fewer items.

Tailored Data Targeting

Effectively target your campaign to increase response rate and have fewer delivery items.

Knowing your audience

Identifying key demographics such as age, location, income, profession allows you to put together a profile of your target audience. We can then help you to locate more people like them.

Locating your audience

At Smart Distribution Solutions, we have access to databases containing those same key demographics. The defining characteristics of your audience might be earnings, financial situation, earnings, views and attitudes, marital status, or any of hundreds of others. Whatever it might be, our team are able to compile an accurate distribution map on which to base your campaign.

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Hand-tailored distribution solutions

The result is a distribution strategy that meets the specific requirements of your campaign. By using data, we are able to maximise the impact of any door drop promotion.

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