Keen to present itself to local secondary school pupils as the natural next step for their academic careers, a major FE & HE college asked SDS to run a campaign that targeted the homes of children of GCSE age (14-17).

This campaign was to provide these children and their parents with specific information of the courses provided.


With a catchment area of 520,000 homes across five London boroughs, previous approaches to distribution from other agencies had left a significant number of target homes unaccounted for and the college were also keen to reduce wastage.

Using our SMART approach, we combined 3 delivery methods to maximise target coverage – Royal Mail Door to Door, SMART Mapping, and Partially Addressed Mail.


By carefully planning a combined delivery schedule, we were able to reach all 65,700 target homes with a quantity of just 79,400 items. This improved audience penetration from 13% to 83%.

Enrolment figures were increased, so the significant cost saving dramatically increased overall campaign ROI. This model has then been repeated 3 times with success.

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