Marketing agency for regional transport provider

Regional transport providers rely upon people in their catchment area knowing about the service that they provide. They are in the unenviable position of convincing car-owners to use public transport, whilst ensuring that their own transport network caters to both rail and road users, without the marketing for one negatively impacting on the other.

This was exactly the problem posed by a marketing agency acting on behalf of a regional transport provider.


The marketing agency wanted us to conduct a targeted door drop, supporting a wide range of different media as part of a time-sensitive marketing campaign.


A key challenge for this job the cannibalisation that had taken place within the regional transport network of the area we were considering. The purpose of the campaign was to drive traffic to the bus network, but not at the expense of the train network, owned by the same client. This meant that location mapping had to avoid too much area penetration around train stations and focus more on potential customers along the existing bus routes.


Because the train stations had to be part of our equation, we could not conduct a traditional postcode sector level distribution plan. Instead, we made use of our SMART digital mapping software, creating bespoke delivery routes – some as small as 140 households.

These allowed us to target customers on a micro level, avoid train catchment areas, and incorporating customers likely to benefit most thanks to their proximity to the bus routes.


custom bulletFor this campaign, two different leaflets were delivered in separate areas. A significant number of free bus ticket vouchers were redeemed during the validation period, which also resulted in an increase in paying bus passengers, as they were limited to one per household.

custom bulletIn other areas, branded leaflets were delivered via door-drop, including a Valentine’s Day campaign that resulted in massive awareness across the region.

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