Local Authority


Improve delivery and reduce costs for a well read and important council wide magazine to all homes in the district.


Council boundaries are not the same as postal ones. The client’s use of a single distribution solution (Royal Mail) only meant that there was a significant over delivery to neighbouring councils. Royal Mail will only deliver to full postcode sectors, so thousands of non-authority homes were receiving the magazine, meaning wasted copies, a larger print run and high costs.

We applied our SmartExtra approach, combing delivery methods to balance cost and coverage.
A three-tiered approach was then prepared for distribution.

1 -Postcode sectors that belong entirely to the council are covered using Royal Mail’s Door to Door service.
2 -In split postcode sectors, our SMART mapping software is used to create delivery routes that target only council properties. Deliveries are then made by our network of trusted distributors, using GPS tracking to monitor deliveries.
3 -Direct mail is used to target postcode sectors that contain small numbers of council homes that would otherwise be missed.


Distribution cost was reduced by 10% by removing the over delivery. A greater saving was that the print run was reduced by 10,000 copies (20%), delivering significant cost savings.

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