Establishing your demographic for effective door drop campaigns

The first step in any successful door drop marketing campaign is to identify your audience. Who, exactly, are you marketing to?

How data can change how you view your audience

  • Partnered market analysis

    Partnered market analysis

    At Smart Distribution Solutions we work with you to discover and understand your target audience. This can be through profiling existing customer data or working with you to build a demographic profile of your target audience.

  • Insight model and profiling tools

    Insight models and profiling tools

    We have been working in the direct marketing sector since 2012. In that time, we have developed and curated an extensive selection of insight models and profiling tools. These form a solid foundation from which to tailor a bespoke distribution campaign, personally crafted to meet the needs of your specific business. We bring our years of experience to every job we take on, allowing our customers to benefit with all areas of direct marketing.

  • A customised direct marketing approach

    A customised direct marketing approach

    We understand that no two companies are alike. We use our insight models as a template, rather than a ready-made solution. It’s very much a two-way process, with the profiles being changed to match your needs, and your company’s approach to direct marketing adapting to the influence of our insight models.

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By combining our insight model with our data collection, we can pinpoint key areas where your core audience is likely to live. This allows you to maximise the chance of finding successful leads.



Without a proper plan in place, you will fail to make the most from your campaign. From the perfect timing, to the ideal location, we create a bespoke distribution plan based on the audience model we have profiled.



Our mapping service translates to more than just streets to target in a door drop campaign. We can look at retail catchment areas, perfect positioning around local transport links and development works, and so much more.