How to Improve Local Foot Traffic with Direct Marketing

The whole point of any advertising campaign is to attract attention to your business or brand, and Direct Marketing is no different. However, different types of advertising media are better suited to different types of events or sales promotions.

Why Choose Direct Marketing?

Print media, for instance, is perfect for promoting a local business or event. Rather than sending out an email invitation to people (many of whom may live way outside your catchment area), physical leaflets can be distributed to households in the immediate vicinity of your business.

A Local Promotion For Local People

The key to good local marketing is knowing how far to cast your net, and we can help you with that. If you provide everyday goods or services on the High Street, you should create a campaign that focuses tightly on your immediate area since few people will go out of their way for something they can find a half-dozen variations of. If your service is more niche, take a chance with a larger distribution area, where you’re likely to find more potential customers with an interest in what you have to offer.

Catch Their Eye

You don’t have long to capture the attention of a potential customer. While physical promotional literature has been shown to be a highly effective method of marketing, the idea of unsolicited advertising leaflets being “junk mail” is still rife. You have the time it takes for them to reach down to the floor and pick up your literature to grab their attention. Think bright, contrasting colours; a large font; and short words for the headline. Is your campaign for a special offer or a sale? Make that the focus of your leaflet—loud, brazen, and impossible to miss.

Keep it Simple

While a strong visual leaflet might capture someone’s attention, if you wish to keep it, you must avoid bombarding them with too much information at once. Keep it short, sharp, and to the point. Give them enough detail that they will want to seek out more on their own. If they are engaged to that extent, you should have no problem convincing them to visit your store, give you a call, or visit your website for more information.

Embrace Technology

Direct marketing is most effective when integrated with other marketing tools. Want to give your customers more information without drowning your marketing material in a wall of text? Why not include a simple website address to a landing page with all the relevant information? Want to track engagement? Print a QR code on the leaflet that they need to scan to get their discount or special offer. There are many ways to intertwine physical and online marketing successfully.

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