Fast and Effective Direct Mail Services Available Nationwide

Direct mail is an effective way to distribute printed marketing materials exactly where you want them to go. It differs from other forms of direct marketing, in that it does not rely on demographics, mapping, or the blanket posting of material across a geographic area. Rather – as the name implies – direct mail is a targeted method of distribution, one that is sent direct to a known customer or lead.

Effective Direct Mail Solutions Available Nationwide

Here at Smart Distribution Solutions, we have been providing our clients across the country with effective direct mail services for many years. Here is just a few of the ways we can help you.

Curating Your Mailing List

An effective direct mail campaign begins with an accurate mailing list. There are many ways to swell the numbers on your mailing lists, including online sign-up, promotional events, door-to-door canvassing, and sign-up sheets at your business premises. However you compile your list, we can help you keep it in order and properly-formatted for our direct mail service.


Mailshots are a great way to keep your customers informed of important events and changes with your business. Whether it’s informing them of new operating hours, changes in personnel, or the opening of a new, local branch, direct mail gets key information into the hands of the people who need to know about it.

Promotional Material

If you are running a sales promotion for your business, people who are already positively predisposed toward your product or service is a key demographic. With direct mail you can send your promotional literature to people who have already expressed an interest in your company.

National Distribution

While other forms of distribution, such as door drop campaigns and Royal Mail campaigns tend to target specific areas, direct mail can be sent to a widespread number of homes across the UK. Wherever your leads are based, you can ensure they get the latest news and promotional materials delivered right to their door.

The Benefits of Direct Mail

A direct mail campaign from Smart Distribution Solutions offers a wide variety of benefits, compared with other direct marketing options. Here are some of the more popular ones, based on feedback from our clients.


When a customer receives a piece of direct mail from your company, it will be addressed to them personally. Whereas a recipient might choose to ignore a leaflet pushed through the door, or a letter addressed to The Occupier or The Homeowner, when it comes with their name on the envelope, that is a strong psychological incentive to open it.

Brand Awareness

If you are sending direct mail to a customer, then they will already know who you are. Even if they have never bought your products or services in the past, they will have signed up to your mailing list in one form or another. Assuming your brand holds positive connotations for them, they will be predisposed to read what you have to tell them. This is the reason we recommend strong branding on either the envelope itself, or on the printed literature within.

Great Return on Investment

No other form of direct marketing is as tightly targeted as direct mail. Every recipient of your literature knows who you are and what you do, and will have previously expressed an interest in your product or service – however fleetingly. As a result, conversion rates for direct mail are measurably higher than many other distribution methods.

No job too big or small

Whether your mailing list consists of a couple of hundred customers or a few thousand, you can rely on Smart Distribution Solutions to reach each and every one of them. Our direct mail software ensures that every person on your list receives their own, personally-addressed piece of mail on every run.

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By combining our insight model with our data collection, we can pinpoint key areas where your core audience is likely to live. This allows you to maximise the chance of finding successful leads.



Without a proper plan in place, you will fail to make the most from your campaign. From the perfect timing, to the ideal location, we create a bespoke distribution plan based on the audience model we have profiled.



Our mapping service translates to more than just streets to target in a door drop campaign. We can look at retail catchment areas, perfect positioning around local transport links and development works, and so much more.