Which method of direct distribution is best

Which method of direct distribution is best?

So, you have decided to put together a direct marketing campaign. The question remains, which of the various direct distribution options is going to offer you the best return on investment?

It is an important consideration. Direct marketing is one of the most effective methods of reaching your target audience and choosing the right method for you and your business will maximise the return on investment you are able to make.

Here at Smart Distribution Solutions, we provide our customers with a range of options when it comes to direct marketing. From our local door drop teams to a Royal Mail door-to-door campaign, there are many way to reach your ideal customer.

These are some of the services we can offer:

Royal Mail Door-to-Door

This service from the Royal Mail allows us to distribute your marketing literature house-to-house as postal workers pop them through all the letterboxes on their daily route. A key advantage here is the reliability of the postal service, and that Royal Mail ensure they do not post marketing materials from competing businesses on the same day.


Newshare distribution involves slipping your marketing literature into copies of your target area’s local free paper. This lets you reach a wide cross-section of the public, making it a solid choice for products and services with a broad local appeal.

Team Distribution

This involves a local team of distributors working in your target area. We furnish them with your marketing materials and detailed maps with specifically-targeted households we have identified as falling into your target demographics. This method reduces waste, focussing your campaign on key areas in a given location.

Direct Mail

If you have a specific audience you wish to target, we can send your marketing literature to them directly through the post. Studies indicate that 82% of sealed envelopes posted in the UK are opened by the recipients. With the right marketing materials to catch their eye, that offers the potential for a high engagement rate.

Which is the best distribution method for you

Just as no two companies or products are exactly the same, so no two direct marketing campaigns are the same. A method that works great for you might not be an appropriate avenue for a competing firm. So much depends on your own brands identity and your target audience.

Fortunately for our customers across the UK, you are in safe hands. At Smart Distribution Solutions, we have decades of experience in direct marketing and bring all that expertise to every campaign we are hired for, Let us provide you with the advice and guidance needed to pick the right direct distribution method to benefit your business.


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