Food Delivery

Marketing agency on behalf of a home delivery company

Networked food delivery is an ever-growing service sector and one that relies on effective direct marketing if its target audience is to be successfully reached. Many of these service providers have specific routes or areas of operation that don’t fall neatly into regular postcode boundaries.

Such was the case when we were instructed to assist with distribution by a direct marketing agency working on behalf of their clients.

The Brief

We were asked to improve the efficiency of the client’s current distribution model, which was based on postcode sector boundaries and therefore producing too much wastage in terms of direct marketing materials.

The agency wanted us to produce a distribution plan more closely aligned to the home deliveries actual delivery footprint.


Under their existing model, the client was distributing 2-3,000 homes in each postcode boundary. This was proving woefully inefficient as the boundary markings fail to match their actual delivery area. This led to customers being notified of the delivery service, without having access to it, and subsequently raising complaints with the client.

The agency wanted us to focus on direct marketing at the micro level, delivering their literature to small clusters of existing customers.



We started by uploading the existing customer data into our digital mapping software, from which we created a bespoke microverse of their current distribution area. From here we were able to map those customer addresses onto small delivery routes that reflected the client’s delivery footprint.


Postcodes weren’t ignored entirely, of course. Each customer’s postcode was compared and categorised to match the client’s marketing literature for that catchment area, allowing for tailored messaging within the overall delivery footprint.


Thanks to the success of our campaign, the home delivery company is moving away from postcode sector level delivery. This methodology is improving location planning and reducing wastage in the process.

The model is also used to deliver precisely targeted local marketing in the company’s new catchment areas, allowing them to focus on those customers that will be able to make use of their service, without infuriating those that cannot.

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