Defeating digital fatigue: the importance of door drop distribution during a pandemic

It has now been more than six months since the UK went into national lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many communities across the country remain under local lockdown conditions, with more expected to join them.

As local businesses begin to rebuild following their enforced period of lockdown, many are seeing reduced footfall owing to more cautious shopping habits by consumers. Enticing customers back into stores and shops is, understandably, a priority for many of these businesses as they face an uncertain winter.

What better way to engage interest in your local market that through a targeted door drop campaign?

Know your customers

At Smart Distribution Solutions, we have an extensive range of analytical tools at our disposal that can help you directly target the customers you want to reach. This allows you to focus your door drop campaign on key demographics based on your own understanding of your customers wants and needs. By analysing your target market in such detail we limit waste and maximise your return on investment for a cost-effective direct marketing strategy.

A welcome alternative to digital marketing

During lockdown many businesses embraced the internet, seeing it as a way to continue trading in spite of the new restrictions. However, in the six months since, many consumers are reporting digital fatigue. This relates to an abundance of e-mails, Facebook and Instagram adverts, targeted Google Ads and more, every time they go on line. The appearance of physical marketing literature through the letterbox – be it from our local door drop team or via agreement with Royal Mail – is now a welcome break from the bombardment of online advertising and receives greater attention as a result.

Socially distanced, door-to-door

With social distancing such an important aspect of our daily lives, more intrusive techniques such as handing out leaflets to passers-by or running a marketing booth in your local town centre are proving less successful. With a dedicated door drop campaign you are able to reach the customers you need without putting them, or your staff, at risk of transmission.

Get In Touch

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