Better by design

Better by design: how your door drop literature influences customers

Previously on this site we have talked about how effective a direct marketing campaign can be on it’s own, or as part of a wider mixed media marketing campaign, something we have yet to touch upon is the importance of creating quality marketing materials. When a piece of unaddressed mail lands on the doormat it needs to attract the attention of the house’s occupants.

In this article, we look at certain design elements that will help convince potential customers to give your marketing literature the attention it deserves.

better by design

The importance of Design

From our experience, the design quality of your item will be the determining factor to your leaflet being read. Whether it’s the size and thickness of your leaflet or unique and eye catching ideas, spending the time or money to design your leaflet is vital. Factor design into your next marketing budget to generate maximum doormat impact.

Grab their attention

Whatever the focus of your campaign is, a new product, a sale, a special offer, centre the rest of your design around it. Make the announcement big and make it the focus of your item. The easier it is for recipients to see the value in your leaflet, the more likely they are to respond, keep or pass the leaflet onto a friend or another person in the household.

Hold their attention

With the right design, it is possible to draw you target audience’s attention exactly where you want it to go. We instinctively look for more information while our brains are still processing what has just been read. Let your attention-grabbing headline lead directly into more details about your service or product.

Pictures and white space

If you are including pictures or graphics in your literature, make sure they are of the highest quality. Clear graphics with a high resolution and sharp lines will suggest a professional touch, which promotes trust.

Check, check and re-check

Finally, have someone else proof your literature before getting it printed. Listen to what they have to say and decide whether their suggestions will benefit the piece as a whole.

Get In Touch

A good design is the first step to an effective direct marketing campaign. For assistance with every step, from design through to campaign reporting, contact Smart Distribution Solutions today. Call us on 0151 644 9475 Or send us a message on our contact page and see what we can do for you.

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